DEIMS: migrations EML - personnel

Some datasets cannot link up with owners as declared in EML, perhaps the lack of an entry in the Person directory. Many ways to mitigate this, but if solved at source, then subsequent migraitons would be fixed from the get go.

A way to do this would be to grab the creators from EMLs and then see how is missing, make entries in the personnel dir. perhaps is time to add a 'list in dir' in d6 to avoid manual repetitive work?

also, this can be done manually post-migration. it is a matter of priorities, and the risk of repetition - a balance somewhere

i think it'd be good to get these folks in ; (creators)

last name (eml id)
Castendyk (300)
Dowling (6004)
Hawes (45)
Laybourn-Parry (51)
Mikucki (2016)
Runkel (8001)
Snyder (6001)