Met Data: The GDAM/MISM and GAFM confusion

update oct 8

this is moving along, it is an intense task.

-- GADM / MISM base tables splitted and recreated.
-- GADM tables populated (except for Sonic Height)
-- GADM materialized views recreated (except Daily all)
-- MISM tables populated with all pre-post move data

to - dos here:

-- Sonic Height (gadm and mism) -> gadm done, mism done
-- make materialized views for MISM -> done
-- drop pre-Jan-13-2012 data for MISM -> done
-- add MISM 2012 season! -> done
-- refresh fix mat. views -> gadm done, mism done


Turns out data starts on or after Jan 2011, which means, most of these data is actually MISM. Strategy: backups all GADMs. Rename tables to MISMs, and update Cols and Constraints. Reload GADM tables.

Drop data accordingly.

In the light of this correspondence and task list:

--revise the GADM metadata. make sure it has a begin (2010) and end (Jan, 11 2012).
--GADM data the last point should be the Jan 11, 2011-2012 season, erase all through 2013.
--Start MISM tables and views. Starts on Jan 13 2011.

--revise GAFM data and metadata

After revisions: some todos:

*Garwood Valley Station (GADM) is marked as "Permanent", move to "temporary".
*Garwood EML is marked as 'non-existent'.
*MISM EML needs to be created. Perm. stat.
*Garwood data goes from 2010 to 2013, this is wrong

---- a possible mokey wrench -- the MISM 2102 and 13,csv files have in the dataset code GADM.-------------

** Task List 2011/12 does not distinguish between GADM and MISM. Verbatim bits:
"Garwood/Miers Valley Met Station (GADM/MISM) 29"
"Turned off (~01/11/2012 11:00) and disassembled the station. It will be moved to Miers Valley. "
"6. Lar: 78.03844, Long: 164.32896, Elev:29m
7. New station established in Miers Valley on jan 13, 2012. Original location is Lat: 78 05.985, Long: 163 47.726
and Elevation: 179.1m. Moved to new location on Jan 28, 2012, better line of sight with stream gauge for
telemetry. New location is Lat: 78 06.068, Long: 163 47.253 and Elev: 202.3m" (-78.101686, 163.796459)
8. Loaded new program, MISM_201112_v1.dld on Jan 28, 2012 @ 1400.

**Task List 2012/13 : GPS: 78.10115, 163.78778, a bit to the left of the coordinates above.
** Task List 2013/14 : Station visit on 11/21/2013 at 12:45 by Basagic, Cronin, and Doran

more on GAFM later.

Reviewing last emails.. I'll need to review it is all in-check.


I have compiled the information for the Garwood Ice Cliff Met Station (GAFM). I discussed with Andrew and Joe and we would like to put the data online. I placed the data (zipped csv), new Task Sheet, and two photos of the station in my dropbox:


The photos were taken by Thomas Nylen in December 2010.

Joe provided me the coordinates for the station: -78.025916, 164.1315333

Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional information.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the information on the Garwood Ice Cliff met station. I will work on getting the data formatted for Inigo to upload and I will add the station visit and maintenance from last season to the post processing task list.

Swapping the stations out sounds like a good idea.I briefly spoke with Andrew on this and we both agree that for long term monitoring it would be good to move the station to a location out of the river bed. Moving the station would be after the energy balance and ice cliff monitoring is completed. Does this sound okay?

I think the net radiometer is fine for long term monitoring. The CR1000 upgrade for the existing met station network has been talked about for a long time but the cost has been prohibitive. I have not learned the new language yet. The stream team has begun changing over their stations so they are a resource for help. I think the CR1000 will be fine and we can use it as a learning experience. The CR1000 upgrade is inevitable ('resistance is futile').


On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 7:32 AM, Joseph Levy wrote:

Hi Hasan!

The only change made to the station was the removal of the cliff-facing (south-facing) Eppley pyrgeometer, which was destroyed during a katabatic event. It was removed on or about Jan 18, 2013.

Since the GAFM station is starting to show its age (down one Eppley, the sonic appears to have crapped out late last season), I was thinking about replacing it this year with the met station that the Garwood project purchased. These are instruments that are not part of Crary stock, but would "owned" by the project (and then, accordingly, by the LTER, since G-080 is in its last season this year, and it needs to be moved under the LTER aegis in order to legally stay out in the field). Swapping out the old station with the new one would free up the good instruments and tripod for refurbishing and/or redeployment.

There would be two major changes if the station gets swapped: 1) The "new" station has an NR-LITE2 net radiometer on it, not a full suite of pyrometers and pyrgeometers. I think this will be okay for long-term monitoring at GAFM now that the main energy balance work there is done. Alternatively, we could swap in pyr/pyrg from Crary Stock. 2) The new station has a CR1000 at its heart, not a CR10X. I was planning on spending some time this spring learning the ins and outs of the CR1000s, because there will eventually come a point where the CR10Xs just aren't an option any more. Is it okay if that revolution begins this year in Garwood?

Thanks Joe,

Okay sounds good. I am sorry to have missed this. As I am looking back
at past reports I see Thomas had included the Garwood Ice Cliff Site
in the 2010-11 Task Sheet. I am still playing catch up after my two
year hiatus. I will review the data you sent me and format as needed.
A couple of quick questions:

It looks like you post processed all columns of data for this past
season's data, is that correct? Just want to double check.

We will need to capture a few notes for any site visits or changes
made to the station or program. Could you provided that information?
An example can be found in our Task Sheets here:
I can fill out the table of parameters and correction values unless
there were changes made.

thanks again,

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 9:06 AM, Joseph Levy wrote:
> Serving the GAFM ice cliff station would be great. Let me know what I can do to assist.
> Joe
> --
> Joseph Levy
> Research Scientist Associate
> University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
> Tel. 512.475.6121

Hi Inigo,

Doing good thanks. Miers Valley (MISM) is a new station. Thomas
removed the Garwood Station (GADM) during the 2011-2012 season and
reinstalled at Miers. Therefore the Garwood Station (GADM) is no
longer in service. BUT there is another station run by Joe Levy called
the Garwood Ice Cliff (GAFM). I was given a copy of this data but I
did not think the LTER was serving the data. I have cc:ed Joe Levy and
Andrew on here to check with them.

Joe and Andrew, should I submit the 2012-13 Garwood Ice Cliff Met data
to be served up on the LTER webpage?


On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 7:48 AM, Inigo San Gil wrote:
> Hassan,
> How are you? One-two quick questions about this season (2012/13)
> I see a new stations, Miers Valley MISM. Andrew mentioned plans on
> expanding over Miers Valley. This may be it.
> I do not see GFDM (Garwood Glacier? Met). What happened? Did this one morph
> into MISM?
> Cheers, Inigo