Met : Common new cols

Ensure new columns show in stats and metadata--

background -- we included AIRT1M, but may not have updated metadata and Stats correctly -- do

metadata - done
mat views (stats - 5 tables) - done

"Commonwealth Glacier station has two new columns for “AirTemp at 1 m”, and column for flagging."

From task list 11/12 -commonwealth

Heights, AirT1m = 83 cm, surface temp = 41 cm, Air3m/RH3m = 300 cm, wind monitor (center of prop) = 335
cm, downfacing pyranonmeter and pygeometer = 69 cm, upfacing pyranometer and pyrgeorometer = ~ 310cm,
ultrasonic ranger = 61.7cm.

14. Loaded new program, cohm_201112_v1 at 1420. New program has lines for turning the radio on between 0600-
0700, 1200-1300, 1800-1900 and 0000-0100 between Oct 1 and March 1 and between 0600-0700 in the winter.
Also added AirT1m, which will be used by sonic for distance as well. The airt1m was installed in multiplexer.
Ran additional wire from terminal block in the multiplexer box to the AG on the CR10X. Connected the AG
wires for the Apogee surface temp probe as well.

COHM_AIRT,COHM,01/03/2012 09:45,-2.06,,,,
COHM_AIRT,COHM,01/03/2012 10:00,-1.85,,,,
COHM_AIRT,COHM,01/03/2012 14:30,-3.05,,,,-2.94
COHM_AIRT,COHM,01/03/2012 14:45,-3.12,,,,-3.05
COHM_AIRT,COHM,01/03/2012 15:00,-3.21,,,,-3.06