Posting COCs timely.

update oct 17

this is tricky, the COC forms come in the form of complex excel sheets.

what ive done:

break them in new templates for COC_LIMNO_MEASUREMENTS and COC_LIMNO_SAMPLES.
Templates headers were made taking the headers of each section.

The first chunk of Amy's forms is for the "MEASUREMENTS" table. I copy-n-paste the VALUES onto the template, save them and import in the DB. The second and third chunk-o-data is for the SAMPLES table, and goes to the SAMPLEs table.

you need to add 3 cols, DATASET_CODE, SUBMISSION DATE and SUBMITTED BY. the submission date in on the form. format cells to date, if you get trouble. save all work.

two seasons of Limno COCs took me a morning, perhaps next time will be a bit faster.
would be good to explore alternate methods.

since the queries were dictated by the time-added-to-db, i replaced that gov. condition by time-submitted, which
did the trick on coc-totals actv. jav.

update oct 16

lets bump up the priority, since the field season is nearing.

COCs are not just a postmortem forensic tool, but also serve their purpose while field ops are ongoing.

However, I noticed the posting process may be more complex than usual, which may explain why I dropped the ball at times. I need to streamline the COC posting to avoid problems.