DEIMS: Emls with one to many data sources

oct 19

clean up further, bug removed, and tested in deims sand box. well.


updt oct 17

data files (2Gb) downloaded into files dir
classes conciled, first attempt failed, need to investigate
update oct 16

this is well underway. it seemed that the manual process was going to take approx 3 days. this time-expense would lurk if repetition was deemed necessary. that tilted the decision to revisit the EML migration.

turns out working on prepareRow suffices.

with a
$row->dataTableRef = $this->getDataSources($row);

and in getDataSources, you basically iterate over the ids and lookup the destination ids

foreach($row->xml->dataset->dataTable as $xmldatasource) {
$source_id = $xmldatasource->entityName;
$field_values[] = $this->handleSourceMigration('EmlDataFile', $source_id);

this is tested in an old site, now we need to merge the code, or make a splinter module.

What do we do about the EMLs that have multiple dataTables (data sources). Like the whole MET collection.

1) Manual?
2) attempt early migration?