Deploy DEIMS

sept 3:

the full migration is well planned and ongoing:

some data comes from D6 (mcmdev)
some, from EMLs, using an ad-hoc tuned module and support of sh scripts.

some will be a posteriori (sites, assoc. personnel, perhaps multiple files)

target first draft for week of sep 8-13

update Aug 26

New updated instances at both 'ice:mcm-d (dpool2/dev)' and 'localhost:deims_mcm'. Focus on XML migration - testing for overrides of person content type.

update aug 24.

with the latest core and schemaorg work, this is a good point to migrate.

migration status:
-sources should come from disparate sources: 1) D6 (mcmdev) 2) EML.
-in the EML module, need to use prepare to reach out to personnel migrated by 1) D6.
-research sites - locations - DNM ??

-we'd be better off in ubuntu-optimized LAMP - still waiting for box to host AQ, and reconversion of TEMPER.
-clean-up done in Ice, Deims, DeimsSB and localhost.

Green light to deploy DEIMS.

- Assets, Inventory
- Strategy
- Automating Data Syncs

Milestones -> Calendar Automated and Manual estimates.

- How to use.

Known Issues:
- Geo Information in DB, but not in Database.
- Metadata in EML -one at a time.
- Solaris AMP stack and performance issues.