DEIMS: The Data Explorer - Id candidate sets

==Jan 14 update==
For now, the plan is to expose most of the tables (or views) are exposed through the DE.
However, this may change in the future, as we may spot the futility of some exposures, or the performance load. However, all duplicate tables, temporary, TOCs, and other supporting tables will be ommitted, even if there is an EML with it.

==Nov 17, 2014==
Not all EMLs may be suitable to offer through explorer.

New site may benefit from a view that offers :

DS Title (link to metadata) -- Source Csv -- link to DE (if applicable) -- Link to Legacy?

One way to do decide which tables have a DE link would be to use the Core vs Non-core data sets, as understood in MCMLTER.
Other way would call for a closer look to the tables.

Once data has been placed in mcm_data tables, we need to decide what do we offer for query through the DE how we configure the variables.