DEIMS: The Data Explorer - patch gar to allow spaces in table columns

==Jan 14, 2015==
completed - gar patched and tested.
sometimes noticed bizarre warning on deimssandbox, affected migration perhaps?.

==Nov 17, 2014===
--Done locally in mac and deimssandbox

see patch at
with one edit for the patch:

Adapted the change at includes/database/mysql/ (which was rejected).. It seems in dev, there is extra checks in the line of code on the line 92. What I did is use the escapeTable in the corresponding line, that did the trick. (and flushing some caches, just in case)

$this->query('CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE {' . $this->escapeTable($tablename) . '} Engine=MEMORY ' . $query, $args, $options);

- Perform more tests, if all successful apply patch to gar.