multilingual, mobile friendly Lost Seal

The Lost Seal site is really nice. But to adapt to changes, it would be good to recast it with two critical features such as;

1- multilingual support
2-adaptive to devices (mobile or big screens)

While we are at it, revamping the image gallery may make sense,
and adding some semantic driven features.

This entails for example learning more about the Drupal Omega theme and the multilingual framework. im about there with the later, but unsure the crosspollination with adaptive tools.

The following dissects the current site

Landing page - serves dates 960px screens. Banner and four tabs. Landing page covers 4 topics
1 - Why Lost Seal
2 - Why the site
3 - How to .. search ART
4 - What else can i do here

the Four tabs lead to four areas
A - Search ART. Landing has 3 options .
A.1 - Pick country (then you´d pick a school, then browse the select gallery browse_book.jsp)
A.2 - View Feature art (browse gallery browse.jsp)
A.3 - Search by name (clumsy. art_search.jsp)

B - More Info
Buy Book

C - Photo/Vide. Landing has para, links to 3 pages of photos and link to video page. and image. (dated)

D - Credits. image, words by Diane, links. could be improved .

One thinks that this could be summarized as a gallery collection, a buy opportunity, and some background info.

What is it the number one thing though? is it Make Original Artwork Viewable? then lets deepen there.

Ok, so the 1 thing is search*browse*view Art. this should drive the redesign.

Possible steps.
Try in drupal using omega+related toolset and multilingual support. use drupal media to manage art library and
create awesome adaptive shows.