DEIMS: Streams: Add contextual historical data to RT graph display

When you display a GRAPH, would be nice to add the historical records, such as average, peak flow. May be a pattern of flow (both diel and seasonal)

see at

overlay the daily avg flow is.

the most important info is being on the stream, being on the field.

= = = = =

neat to have same thing for AIRT.

peter put a mean/max/min -- place the benchmark.

ask about the abnalysis.

this to break up in sub-tasks

These are ideas further!

after season is over -- dashboard how the season go? how it separates by month, for example? is it warmest? lowest?

Try to over - Vanda and Hoare..

could be a useful work --> showcase simple metrics, how did the month rank, etc.

reminds of the sevilleta "met-central" - w/ monsoon context!

context when flow starts in the onyx!

Also:Canada, Crescent and Onyx@Vanda. POssibly Lawson, one of the first to flow, nice gage.

We telemeter changes of stage for Lakes: Bonney, Fryxell


can we have a MCM-V competition & outreach.