Aquarius: Problem symbols in database

with a collection of scripts and instructions, and the help of Aquarius, this has been resolved.

-update oct 23-

screenshare w/ dba identified the root at the database creation - sounds like the encoding was lost in translation.
manual changes are quirky
also, made a exp-dump of aquarius schema/user and made it available to them
she'd do a script to fix the problem(s)

Encoding problems? Check them out.
I heard that some funky characters are being displayed in AQUARIUS in place of the “degree” and “micro” symbols since you did your data migration. I suspect that there is something going on in your database. Perhaps the character set used is non-standard? I would like to enlist our database expert in this and trouble shoot the issue. Do you have direct access to your SQL Server? It would be great to have a Webex session to have a look around. I am not in the office today, but will be tomorrow. I will chat with our DBA for some ideas.