ADCP (vel on lake) data

update May 4

This was finished last Apr 30, DOIs made, harvested into PASTA, perhaps a little tweak on the metadata links is in order.
update Apr 28

Data from the 2012-13 season in database, almost 1M records, most loaded using SQLLDR, after adaptation of script.

Metadata made for 2012 season, assigned ID 75.

Entry made in LIMNO_SHORT_TC

Tested query - not working... may need to create own query.

update Apr 26.

The prelim script that produces velocities seems enough.

In Excell,open txt, "data->text to cols", select delimited, tab, space, check treat consec delim as one, and text delimiter NONE.

the cellID convert to depth ranges. To calc. depths use metadata info on word do, encode it in assoc array on perl.

append data into file, and insert in database.

create metadata, see all things Devin send. Get into pasta, get DOI(s) (two metadata records) and done.

The ACDP data is on two major folders with data from 2009-2010 and 2012-2013 seasons. All data were collected in Lake Hoare using the same methods. Inside, there are sub-folders identified by the date of specific sampling events.

Inside each sampling event folder, you will find the following 5 files:

(1) "ADCP deployment information" This Word file has some useful metadata ( instrument, etc )

(2) "ADCP set up" This text file lists more details about how data were recorded. ( refers to files that do not exist, except some metadata may be OK)

(3) "ADCP velocities" This text file provides the important velocity data that I wish to post online.

(4) "ADCP signal to noise ratio" This file provides diagnostic data on the instrument which someone might find useful.

(5) "ADCP standard deviation" This text file provides information on sampling error.

I suggest we restructure the layout of these data so we can query on Oracle. One idea is to make it like this:
DATASET_CODE,Sample,Lake,DATE_TIME,Cell ID,Vx (cm/s),Vy (cm/s),Vz (cm/s),Spd_xy(cm/s),Dir
LIMNO_ANCILLARY_ADCP,1,HOARE,11/26/2012 20:45:00,1,-21.1,-26.8,-6.6,34.1,218.2
LIMNO_ANCILLARY_ADCP,1,HOARE,11/26/2012 20:45:00,2,4.4,17.3,5,17.9,14.3
LIMNO_ANCILLARY_ADCP,1,HOARE,11/26/2012 20:45:00,3,37.1,-9.9,-8.3,38.4,104.9
LIMNO_ANCILLARY_ADCP,1,HOARE,11/26/2012 20:45:00,4,2.4,-10.5,5.5,10.8,167.1
LIMNO_ANCILLARY_ADCP,1,HOARE,11/26/2012 20:45:00,5,6.5,-4.2,3.4,7.7,122.9

The parser to convert the ADCP velocities is done. We can A) append all other data to that or B) extend the parser to include columns from the STDs and Sig/noise. then insert, make metadata, perhaps do some query pages.