Real time data

most is done -- there are many task accomplished, but uncertainty looms, as the dropbox may be phased out. in any event, the process is broken down in several steps.

1) Accumulate data

a script "" visits the dropbox files and rips the data into files, accumulating data if necessary.
todo -- it would be good to do some padding with nulls for gaps.

the output file is a comma delimited, with one header line and the date in specific format.

2) Automate harvest and display

the call to the script above now runs under cron. we may need to move data to www/ file, or move dir altogether to my homedir (nah).

there are many files that display the data automatically and cleanly, using the 'dygraphs' javascript library. i have made also pages in drupal that point to those raw html files, via iframes. and pages in drupal for easy navigation. yet. i need the 'stream' pages and a couple of met stations. almost complete all.

3) expand to all data available (nearRT2.htm)

like i said, this is done for the most part.