Field Notes

Most edits done. Found out 5 Lawson field notes missing, asked to pls rescan.

Also, in the interim, deleted many level notes and links to them in the DB table (strm-field-notes or scanned-field-notes). May be OK to recover.

Also, need to put latest season... Dropbox data (though not accessible)

Excel File to keep track of progress in U://mcm/data/streams/fieldnotes or so.

Inigo - Here is the list of scanned field notes and level notes with their corresponding file names for the 12-13 season. The scanned field notes are available on dropbox at the following link.


Suggested Changes:

1) OCR to text. keep originals as backup
2) Jpegs
3) Keep em as they are (PDFs)



I am updating the scanned field notes for the database. Once I am finished, I
will be sending you an updated spreadsheet of all the scanned field notes as well as the scanned notes that were missing since 2000.

How would you like me to send you the scanned field notes? I have attached an example of the format it is currently in. Chris suggested that the file names could be automatically changed by using the corrected file names already provided within the spreadsheet. Please let me know how I should proceed.



Hi Inigo,

Nice to see you the other day!

I am organizing the chaos that is this office and have come across hundreds of field notes of gauged streams, ungauged streams, and lake notes. On the database there is only the option to look up past field notes of certain streams that are gauged. Chris and I were discussing the possibility of updating the DB with the "new" streams, or inventing a system of management for querying old notes (online excel spreadsheet with hyperlinks?). I would like to get your thoughts on this and see how you would like to proceed. I am going to start turning all of these notes into digital copies soon and I can either dropbox them or ftp them to you when plans for uploading them have been made. Thanks and take care!


Steven Crisp
Thanks for this Alia,

In comparison to past notes on the webpage ( I think we've been taking pictures of the notes which makes for a much more legible dataset. I wonder if this is still the best way to save these digitally. Last season Steven checked out a tripod and banged these out pretty easily.


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Alia Khan wrote:

Hey team,

Here are the field notes and flow sheets. Another email will come
with the stream and lake levels.

I've also printed a copy to Tyler will take one set and I'll take the
other back to INSTAAR.

Inigo, Here's a transmission from the field about our scanned field notes. What is the file type best for the database?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alia Khan
Date: Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 5:14 PM
Subject: Stream Level Field Notes
To: Chris Jaros , Dave Van Horn , "Steven W. Crisp"


Here are the stream level field notes. For some reason they are a
,tiff instead of .pdf...