Soil Locations : WAS - Locations: Final tasks (soils)

This should be a multi-task ticket.

This is all done -- skip for the last token
With the view and field re-organized, it is now time to finish the geo-locations. Here are three things that need to be done.

1) Ensure EML contains geo-group after disabling its usual display (otherwise, re-enable somehow). DONE, it is OK.
2) Ensure widget for field coordinates is WKT. DONE, it is OK.
3) Enter coordinates for datasets (this is a long one)
Core done: all done, issues notes as "location" prefix
Ancillary : all done, with noted issues.
Done with Core
Anci: done
Met: Should be all-done
Glaciers Done. Stakes re-taged, glaciers created, associated w/ data sets.
Soils: This is going to be difficult, no info on precise geo0-locations of polygons. Email sent to michelle haddix