Par and CTD metadata update - the melt hole, etc

---this is done and revised by amy ----
parpro.xml methods already updated to

A Licor LI-193SA spherical quantum sensor and a LI-190SA flat sensor were attached to a Licor data logger to record instantaneous under-ice PAR and PAR incident on the surface of the lake ice. Data were recorded in an outside incubation hole covered by an opaque tarp, unless otherwise noted. The upper 3-6 meters of each profile, depending upon ice thickness for each lake, represents conditions within the ice melt hole and is not representative of actual lake water. It is advised that users of the data review the Lake Ice Thickness dataset in the MCM Database to find where the liquid water column starts for each cast.

need to put so in the DB. also, CTD metadata? also, parlog.xml?

this works
update LIMNO_PAR_PROFILE SET "PAR COMMENTS (PROFILE)" = ("PAR COMMENTS (PROFILE)"||'The first several measurements shown here were taken at depths within the ice melt hole. Please see the metadata for further information') where "DEPTH (m)"<1

But i had to resize the col comments from 400 by to 1000by