B5 Bohner a new Hydro Core data?

Update -- this was entered as a new stream gauge hydro site, and metadata was created.

from Steve:
Hi Inigo,

So B5 Bohner was installed in January of 2011 and is somewhere around these coordinates if I am not mistaken

After looking at the MCM site, it is the Bohner stream at Lower site. The Bohner stream at mouth is incorrect though as the mouth/delta is to the East about 100 meters(ish).

I see Hydro data for the 11/12 season for Bohner B5 -- but we do not have any other hydro data in the database for this stream gage (or any other Bohner location for that matter)

We can start it fresh. Is this gage located at Bohner Stream at mouth or at lower?
I have coordinates for those two locations -- we need information like that.