Update ClymDB

this is funny, but is done.

a) siteDB updated through intranet.lternet.edu. General and last 2 fields. HOWEVER, the stuff in lternet.edu/sites, is stricktly drupal, disconn with the forms at intranet.
b) http://climhy.lternet.edu/harvest and you fire the harbest and tweak QC limits to make pass. need passwords, etc. this hits a JSP script.

problems with WIND, and may be others.

for now, this is good.

OK-- the dependency is on the actual DB data, the process of updating is actually simple. It may need some tweaks.

I started with this, hard to decypher errors, but some data seem to be harvested. Need more understanding to see how to improve the data we send to ClimDB.

I need to know how to debug the error codes.

Update ClymDB, revise any problems with DB scripts.