Devins Tracer 2012

== this is complete, videos added to current data as other entity.

On videos- add those to the existing metadata. see SBC template.

almost there.


A tracer experiment on Lake Hoare and upstream stream was posted. We need to verify and change metadata, but tentatively done.

The actual quantitative data is officially done, but we need to deal with the videos.
And Devin wants DOIs. Im polling IMs...

Hello IM-lings,

Some of my intrepid researchers are providing data encoded in formats that deviate from the usual expectation (tabular, comma separated, relatively well behaved and somewhat dirty).

For the purposes of this email, I wanted to ask you specifically about videos. Not cute cat videos, but perhaps fluid velocity profiles and other pieces that I doubt will earn an Oscar to my colleagues. Nonetheless, our young professors want their DOIs, a powerful mechanism to make research work shine; Citations - the academia credit mechanism.

Having bought into PASTA for DOI management, we are once more at the mercy of EML. LTER IMs mastered the skill of fitting square pegs into round holes since the 80's, so before going solo, I want to hear (or read) your ideas to document videos using EML (instead of TMZ, IMdb, or endNote for example.)

Here is what I had in mind. Following J. Porter adventures with EML, we use the <otherEntity> element. At a bare minimum (read, required stuff per EML schema rules), we need a name for the video. (entityName), and a declaration for the type of entity ( I figured "video" may be and appropriate value ). While EML does not require a URL to the actual video (?), I say we would benefit from a pointer to the actual video, and I assume that we will have to invite more metadata tokens to the party, because EML "url" placeholder is embedded in the EML physical branch -- a branch that demands at the very least a "data format (dataFormat)". A suitable option for "dataFormat" might be "externallyDefinedFormat / formatName", something like "mpg4,quicktime, avi or the likes". We can spell out those acronyms, but it looks like people today posses some metaphoric knowledge of what these acronyms are (i.e, works with windows or macs... etc). 100 years from now? Worry not, EML will likely go before mpg4.

In Summary, I was thinking that to get DOIs for my colleague videos, I could use the EML resource group (title, abstract, keywords, methods, etc) plus four children tags under the <otherEntity> branch for videos.

BUT, like I said, you may have a better working resolution, or a gluten impediment. Anyone doing research or videos? or does it sound like rotten tomatoes for pasta?

cheers, inigo