Update HydroDB

Now that Im done with ClimDB, we need HydroDB.

These [Clim-Hy] databases share a common portal and may be in the same database.

BTW, user guide is at http://intranet2.lternet.edu/documents/lter-and-us-forest-service-climat...
an 18 page doc detailing some good, some not so useful stuff.

You access the "enter data" interface by hitting http://climhy.lternet.edu/harvest

There is a dual choice "Harvest" and "Update Metadata". To do the first (Harvest), you may have to play with
the second "Update". In the harvest, you have three options AFTER you choose your station (MCM - McMurdo..)

You will use Option 1 (Clim) and Option 2 (Hy).

Option 1 calls /queries/blimhy/climdb.jsp , while 2 calls te hydb.jsp, which queries the relevant data and produces
a harvesteable format for the target CLIMDB databases.

The options above will generate a report. there are warnings and successes. and then, you can watch errors, and
correct'em, some errors will estem from column name changes, station additions, or violations of default or other
QC thresholds. There is a big dependency on column names, so any changes in HOARE DB Table column names
should trigger changes in the script(s).

So far, some attention is due to the HYDRO - the matter of this -- some grinding through reports is due, etc.