replicate the server off-site

there is no money, and quite honestly, i have no time for this.
now that the site is on DEIMS, we need to re-think the cloud hosting.

One thing that makes it more expensive is space needed (hard drive). at 8Gb, it seems like too much. There is some savings excluding most "stream notes", which are 2.5G more or less (2500 PDFs, at 1M a file, is 2.5G).

Other thing would be RAM -- the differences in price may be quite large, so be careful. currently an idle large at $5/mo is great.

in any case, it'd be good to actualize the stack. investigate putting /sites/default/files in S3 (which is 7.9G), the code stack is 0.1G and the mysql DB is pretty reasonable too. There is the AmazonS3 module, which shows a lot of promise, but would love to see how

update -- the EC2 is half way done, there is the question of installing an Oracle enterprise in Ubuntu, with a local replica, or use the RDS2. also, the question on using S3 for most static website content, mounting the filesystem, or rewriting the links on the site.

to avoid downtime as much as we can.

we are exploring the Amazon Web Services. There is a wealth of options in there, but it seems that the "on-demand" EC2 Instances (elastic computing) are a reasonable choice, when in conjunction with S3 Bucket for static content.

A Large EC2 Instance run for about 48 hours a month does not cost too much. A small S3 bucket is a reasonable thing too, like $1/month for about 15 Gb. There is an RDS service, but Im unsure how much we need that, and it adds about $20/month to the bill.

a good article that explains this strategy is outlined here.

Here is the process.

preamble - the GUI AWS console is OK, but for serious work, Im gonna need the Amazon API tools,
which in ubuntu is as easy as

sudo apt-get install ec2-api-tools

Set the bucket with the name of the virtual host (
Copy all static files into the S3 "filesystem". In our case, it is the "data" folder, the "datasets" folder, the "aerial photography" and
others... let me write this in the blog... blog/6

STATUS (Apr 18): Large static web folders copied to S3. Account billed to Pcard.

STATUS (Apr 1): Account set up with lternet email address - key from the db. Need to transfer billing account to Tina's grant.
Instance is half way configured, but content may need to split somewhere else. That is, all but "Queries" may go elsewhere. Tomcat, AMP are installed, need to install DB. Lots of work!