graph - view modes for met/hydro

the mini-datasource view mode addressed this. in a node- edit form, the vertical menu has items. the last item "Display Settings" allows you to choose an alternate rendering view modes for the node in question.

in the case of mini-datasource view mode, we have a datasource rendered as one line.
"descritiption " "Download link (size)".

DS based solution "extras->swtich view mode" can allow to select a view-mode-per-node.

the idea here is to create view modes that:
1) display the Graph ICON(hydro,met)
2) Hide the De (modeling)
in the case of Met, we could do a custom module similar to DE. bypass the filter+column selection,
and pass directly the data array (sans varchar cols) to the graph object.

adding dygraphs to datasets via view mode.