some task lists highlighted in the early winter - (was status Dec 2015)

no review by Ex-Comm.

about most of it is done, however, in excess of caution, let us put a list of things that may need attention.

--restricted section -- short, mid and long term of that section. most is done, some dated protocols are still in-place.
--docs, photos, presents -- this can be revised one more time.see email of 10/29
-- endurance
-- crisp (final revision? is it needed?)
-- rerun dead links.

-Things for New Proposal
--Dead Links (repeat in Feb)
--Data Links (in progr.)

-Environmental History

-Modeling (DONE)

-Outreach & Lost Seal
-- link to original site (DONE)
-- plans for new site. (need input)

-Presentations, Posters and Docs
-- see email of 10/29 with docs. compile other products

-Ancillary Data (and other Core Data)
--Blood falls (DONE)
--Endurance?-get Maciek to finish metadata, maybe only share a subset of data, approach in stages to increase availability as time allows
--Crisp LIDAR data (In progress)

-Shunt everyone to new site Nov1
=docs, photos, presents.
=averages (IN Progress)

-Status update in December-before xmas break after AGU
- need date.

-Review by ExComm-Jan 15