MET season data maciej -- season MET data and more.

all is left here is the BB updates... ask maciek..

raw data in gdrive -- see 2/21/16 maciej email

gafm is done for.
ultrasonic -- not to worry.
tasks lists done
boym, caam done at oracle. avg. snapshots done too. (stuff a bit dirty) ==> check caamWIND . Also -- recheck sonic heights.
cohm done but deoth (ultrasonic -- that gap again) ==>check cohm-icet
brhm, frlm, frsm, flmm, hodm,exem, hoem all done. =>check frlm wind, hoem airt
mism done sonic depth not correctly flagged?
tarm done (sonic..)


See link below for data to be uploaded to the database. There you will find:

-data from 16 met station from 2015/16 season
-met station task list
-updated Met Summary
-updated lake level file
-all missing data that Mike pointed out some time ago (13/14/15 EXEM data, 14/15 BB data)
-BlueBox Bible for 15/16 season
-some older BlueBox data that needed correction. Please overwrite existing data with submitted files
-BlueBox data from WLB, ELB, and L. Miers from 15/16 season.

The only outstanding data we have is 15/16 LF and LH BB data that Krista is working on and some UW PAR data that we'll submit soon.