NPOC -- ( Stream DOC )

==update May 8 ==

All core data is in. We need to add some records to the master gauge locations table to include recent rejects, including here in DOC, NUT and CHEM tables. THere is also the question of whether we do the look-up to the more general gage locations, which would solve 95% of the rejects. But then, there is the question of whether those are core-long-term records or not. In any case, this should be part of other ticket.

==update May 2014====

Found out that the data for Stream DOC 09/10 and 12/13 was not
upload, in waiting for addtnl. locations, i left this undone.

data now is reloaded, and rejects sent to chris.

I have attached the csv file for the stream DOC data for 2011-12 and 2009-10. I think I fixed the problem that you were seeing. Sorry for the complication. Streams NPOC

.....Focus first on the data that our group generated, which is the ion, silica and alkalinity data and the DOC as well as the nutrients from 2011-12.


OK, this is great. I wasn't too worried about finding this, but it is a relief to have it all so I can get to work on it all very soon. Looks like Diane located all of the stream nutrient data that I was looking for.

The other excellent news is that Rob VT is working in Priscu's lab this summer according to Amy, so if we do have questions, I think he can help too.

Thanks to all for your quick replies and continued support in getting all of the chemistry data into the database, answering my questions about sample ID's, etc. It is all coming together.


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On Jun 25, 2013, at 11:57 AM, Diane McKnight wrote:
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> Subject: 2010_11 stream nutrients
> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 11:17:48 -0600
> From: Rob VanTreese
> To: Lee Stanish , jeff.walters22 , Diane Marie McKnight
> Hi all,
> Attached are your nutrient data for 2010-11. Please note there is a summary sheet "compiled stream nuts" as well as raw data, calibration, etc for each run. Please let me know if there are any questions.


There are two descriptive datasets, STRMDESC and STRM_GAGE_LOCS.

I've checked STRM_GAGE_LOCS on a GIS and most of the locations are loosely associated with their physical location, there are many things to fix with this.

I've not imported STRMDESC to GIS but I don't think this dataset is linked to the stream chemistry.

So, looks like we need to update/amend STRM_GAGE_LOCS to get in some stream data and have a better dataset.

I offer my help, maybe Kathy and I could finalize the new sites if you (Inigo) can tell us which ones they are.


anks Chris. Yes, I have been referring to the Stream_Guage_locations list to identify the sampling sites to the best of my understanding. There are 5 locations for "Miers", but from that list it is not clear to me where they are, so I suggest adding to or modifying these sites to make it clear if the data are for the inlet or outlet streams.

I have also been wondering about the need to update some of the descriptions of the stream sample locations for sites that have been moved or modified. Places that come to mind include Priscu Stream, Bohner Stream, Aiken at new F5, VonGuerard. There may be others that have been moved upstream.


Do you have compiled all of the data that does not fit? I will try to populate new entries into the Stream Gage Descriptions based on sampling that we have done to date. There is some confusion on where to sample a stream now that it is missing a gage, but that hopefully can be contained within B-506 with an updated Stream Team Manual.


I don't have a list compiled, but I could work on that.

Right now I'm working on the stream nutrient data from 2007-08 to 2010-11 that I got from Diane. I have also been working on all the stream chemistry data for 2009-10 to present and for every year there are samples that don't match up with the stream gauge locations or they are ambiguous. Some of these might have been samples of opportunity that don't need to be added to the database, but others probably should. It might be easiest if I go through year by year and list all of the records that I am not sure about based on the sample ID's that I have.


Hello Chris and Inigo,

I compiled a list of stream samples from the past 4 years that I had questions about.



Team, If we update the location of a sampling station because it was moved upstream, we need to be sure that it is clear in the database when the move happened and why, so that the original location remains associated with the previous data.


This is a good point.

So, how do we have two different locations for the same thing. I moved vguerard_f6 upstream about 100m due to lake lever rise, but it is still vguerard_f6. We still call it Von Guerard at F6 and really can't call it anything else without creating a great deal of confusion in the record.


Chris, maybe the change in location needs to be in the metadata, or we create a separate table that has the info on the location for moving gauge sites GPS coordinates that is linked to the data in some way.
Inigo-let us know what makes sense from a IM perspective. Cheers Diane

Yes, I have been thinking about this too. I think we want to be able to download records from F6 going back through time, so it should still be called F6, but adding a note to the location description of the site might suffice. As Diane suggests, we want to add the date of the move and reason, so that anyone who works with the data can evaluate how this move might affect their interpretation of the records.

I would think we want to keep these long-term stream records going even if the site has been modified slightly over time and track these changes with meta data.