DEIMS: Meteorology seasonal task list and maintenance improvements

Fast forward several months or years (what feels like an eternity).

--Added page with links to the task lists.
--SOME contents were added to datasets.
--Woulda been nice to fisnih this up, but my time is almost up.

MCMLTER used to produce a summary of measurements each season - this encompassed what was continued, discontinued and added sensors. This summary of measurements has not been updated for two or three seasons. Even with this system, making sense of things is not ideal, the data user (student, post-doc, goes faculty) has to go back and forth between PDFs to understand what is going on. The process is also confusing for the information manager, there are some risks that entire data sets fall through the cracks (new additions, decommissions unnoticed, etc).

We propose two small changes, a procedural change, and a report reorganization. The purpose is to enhance the system that reports publicly what is collected and what is decommissioned, and for what reasons/purposes, and to reinforce the integrity of the data custody chain.

To aid this system, the gents that serve the station need to report clearly these changes in a complete manner. I.e, when a station is moved, report date-time, new coordinates, reason for the relocation. When a sensor is added, state purpose (long/short term, calibration). When a problem is detected, document clearly, even if cause is not known.