DEIMS: Final deployment

except for some performance, graphs and other minor stuff, this is complete

Here is a run-down of the final migration -- we are targeting the "Customize Views" step to declare done. The rest are just OPs and improvements.

procedure -- status

install DEIMS -- done
install custom MCM features -- done
install custom MCM modules -- done
deploy files and import folders -- done
import custom taxonomy coreareas -- done
import custom taxonomy section -- done. may need more granular breakdown
recreate D6 db locally -- done
implement settings local connector to D6 --done
start D6->D7 migration -- done
start CSV migration (sites and photos) -- done
start EML to D7 migration -- done
--glaciers --done. need to revise & fix, most revised and published
--lakes done all but 4 in and revised. will need last revision and changes. get amy on board.
--met --done, currently revised by Ara and self.
--streams -- done note, xmls did not congeniate with parser. study.
--soils done
research projects -- done
geo-migrations -- done
curate content - in progress.
--obvious errors and omissions -- in progress
--more in depth tweaks -- not started
index content -- in progress
faceted search index -- done
customize facets -- done
customize views -- in progress
customize menus -- in progress
inventory of leftovers (PDFs, etc) -- not started
data explorer -- in progress
varnish -- not started
caches -- in progress
other optimizations -- in progress