---great idea, adly, it will not happen/

view page created - put in about page, etc. also, we need to relate hypothesis to assets.
ASK Tina.
mcm-iv hyps added under

--mcm-iv hyps

this structure will enable mcm-iii, earlier and mcm-v

occurs to me we can make a term in Section named "Hypothesis, and hierarchically, add the hypothesis under it." I suppose we can make also mcm-iii, mcm-iv, mcm-v, and hyps under.

the advantage: projects and datasets are connected to hyps already. matter of re-tagging assets.


b) Change “Hypothesis” to “MCM-IV Hypotheses” [this will need to get updated when we get renewed for MCM-V, but perhaps we can archive this current info for MCM-IV]
plans to link-up hypotheses with other assets are in place.

OK - Hypothesis is a placeholder as of now. In the "DEV" (mcmdev) site, I had these hypotheses catalogued separately (via content type or vocab, not sure), that way, these hypotheses could have been connected with the resulting assets (datasets, papers, projects). In the current site, there is one 'static' page about hypothesis.

We need to revisit with the team as for how they want to proceed. I can still create indovidual hypotheses, and connect them later, but the task is not to be rushed, as we dont want to overload the site w/o knowing the final goal.

moving this up.
Hypothesis page