MCM hosted database of archival photos

moving this up -- now we got a CV for valley/basin.
"I think we probably want a hierarchy that looks something like this:

Lake Basin
Site (on stream - some of these seem very specific, but several for the same stream seem to come up)


note, work in deims.lternet, see views.
mostly approved, but problems with sites

1) ordering of sites in pull-down filter
2) hierarchy of sites.
view modified, karen notified for feedback.

What I need to close this story:
1) approve of query and catalog
2) full spreadsheet with all information about the 600+ photos
3) other requests

almost there.

migration is almost complete. i need to work on the 'end-date' for those dates that are expressed as a season.

the view (query) system needs also a tad of work.

lets pick this up a bit...

workaround, download them in packs of 100 at a time. (370Mb) [the total seems to be of the order of 2Gb]
finally downloaded - photos are in desktop. Need to move them to server for imports.

first, let's featurized the new file type (DONE)
uploads photos to server
create View

new file type defined for these images -- mostly to handle date ranges when there is no specific date.

new entity reference view to select stream locations

snag downloading the photos from dropbox -- a 500 error (server internal). advise karen if i cannot get those.

[Karen C]
Lauren and I are working on getting six images together for you to test out the photo archive and the best way to submit images to you. The photos are from the Green Creek gauge site (F9). We have the spreadsheet labeled with the slide label, location (F9), the date, and a caption.

We have a question with respect to the date. Some of the images have exact dates associated with them. Some of them, however, only have a season, for example 1991-92. So that is what we have in the date column. Is that okay or do we need to assign the photos an exact date?

Attached please find the spreadsheet. Here is a link to the photo drop box where you can download the photos according to the id number in the spreadsheet (there are 582 photos in total!) - .

Thanks much for your help with this!

[Chris J]:
just spoke with Inigo about an MCM hosted database of archival photos from time zero of the LTER. As a CWEST initiative, much effort has gone into creating a descriptive database of up to 600 digitized images. Inigo knows what we have and that we would like a searchable interface that takes advantage of our categorization efforts.

Inigo said, when ready, to get to him a first round of images and the descriptive database from which he can design the query tool/interface. Inigo also said, since we are utilizing MCMLTER database location_IDs where we can, that a geographical interface could readily be created as well.

Karen, Lauren (the CWEST program manager), Diane and I will work in providing Inigo a first cut of files from which he can construct a database, and from there we can tweak away.