PI Communications site (doc repo)

update Aug 20

with the addition of a link into the main site, this is now closed, always opened to new requests.'

update Aug 15

placed a different, shorter, formatter for the "Date" columns. This made the rows compact. Take a look when you can. We can add functionality as needed/desired. That action completed the list I got (I hope I didnt forget a thing)

-Drop column "Use count"
-Remove the ability to sort by [doc] Title
-Reorder columns as Date, Title, Tag, File
-Add "Filter" on top - narrow by Document Category [tag]
-Make rows compact (text in cells bled into extra row)
-Increase the size of the file upload (from 8Mb to 400Mb)


We need a common place to store and easily retrieve MCMLTER information regarding the PI transition and other matters.

Dropbox and email are fine. However, when the volume of documents pass certain threshold, sorting and finding the document of interest becomes a chore.

We propose addressing this creating a private repository for document exchange

Site at http://mcmlter4-docs.lternet.edu/
This site is 100% private. To see, edit or upload content, you will need a username and password, just like in Dropbox or Google-drive.

UPLOADS: Email the document to the mcm-pi list, or Chris, or Inigo.

You may include a short description and appropriate title. We would like to “tag” the document with an appropriate category, such as “proposal”, “minutes”, “paper”, etc

UPLOADS DIY: Use top menu “Add content -> Documents” link