Update curent data sets


*Second Pass in progress*
Resolving issues from first pass. Unresolved with be coded red
Adding geospatial data for databases with multiple sites

130 data sets on gar

TASK 1 Check geographic region to make sure it matches, add regions which aren't in the database
TASK 2 Link csv to database and expose interesting variables for end users
TASK 3 Check Abstracts and general formatting of each entry
TASK 4 Think about and discuss what plots would be relevant for each dataset

Project tracking is being done in a google doc shared with myself and I.

Data sets with missing Methods - Work in Progress. Retrieve methods from old MCMLTER site and paste into gar.

LINKING ERROR - This was resolved somewhat. When linking a csv to it's database you can't expose the comments variables. Seems to be an issue with how the columns are named and not matching up.

VARIABLE ERRORS? - Some data sets like F6 SnowfenceStation Measurements, FRLS_AIRT only have a DATASET_CODE so I don't expose this but I do link it and move on.