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timestamp of start Presenter Title Team University
Session 1 (Ashley, Moderator) Mike Gooseff Introduction
0:00:40 Ashley Shaw Identifying the carbon sources of soil foodwebs in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica Soils CSU
0:13:50 Anna Bergstrom The Seasonal Evolution of Abledo Across Landscape Type in the Taylor Valley Glaciers CU
0:24:00 Adam Wlostowski Active layer thermodynamics in a wetter world Jack of all trades CU
0:41:10 Steve Chignell/Poppie Gullett Developing a spatial archive of human history in the McMurdo Dry Valleys Env. History CSU
0:51:17 Elsa Saelens Stable Isotopic Composition of Streams within the Dry Valleys Geochemistry OSU
0:59:30 Jade Lawrence Subsurface hypersaline brine discharge from Taylor Glacier in to Lake Bonney at depth Lakes LSU
1:09:00 Jess Trout-Haney Movement of cyanotoxins across aquatic-terrestrial boundaries in Dry Valley ponds Soils Dartmouth
1:19:53 Sydney Olund Quantifying the Flux of Fe to the Southern Ocean via Five Glacial Meltwater Streams Geochemistry OSU
1:26:05 Ruth Heindel Controls on Phosphorus Availability in the McMurdo Dry Valleys Soils Dartmouth
1:40:40 Andy Thompson Discovering Protozoan Diversity and Function in the MDV Soils/Genomics BYU
Session 2 (Adam, Moderator) 1:49:20 Jeff Patriarche Phytoplankton community dynamics in a polar oasis Lakes MSU
1:59:30 Christa Torrens Nutrient uptake and stream metabolism in the MDV Streams CU
2:05:50 Summer Xue How do they survive there? Study on Evolutionary Ecology of Plectus murrayi Soils/Genomics BYU
2:14:13 Heather Buelow Distinguishing active microbial communities in Antarctic soils with simulated impacts of climate change Genomics/Soils UNM
2:23:53 Kate Hendricks Do Acutuncus Antarcticus Survive Better When They Are Wet or Dry When Exposed to Freeze/Thaw Cycling? Soils BYU
2:31:40 Stephen Kasper Glacial Refugia as a Means of Nematode Survival during the Last Glacial Maximum Soils BYU
2:39:28 Krista Myers Active layer hydrologic controls on the geochemistry of Lake Vanda Lakes LSU
2:51:00 Alia Khan Dissolved black carbon in Antarctic lakes: chemical signatures of past and present sources Streams CU

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Student Showcase Schedule.xlsx
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Here's the schedule from the online student research showcase. If we could transfer this into a table on a web page and put it behind our typical password and a link to the movie file, that would be great. Thanks.


two emails, one on may-6, other (video link) about a week+ early, end of apr.