Storage: Copy data, backups, DB snapshots to Storage server

fun fact: -- legacy db and code base grew to double the size since takeover in 2011.
-- grew data outside DB by several 1000%.
-- created new website with ten of thousands of pages, all managed through web, supported by OS healthy community
-- new website codebase at 88Gb
-- new supplemental sites: env. hist, lost seal, site review and pi comms.
-- RT data and graphs
sad facts: -- plans interrupted
-- genetics
-- mature deims, develop backlog
-- meta analysis
-- fun w/ data synthesis.

and thanks for all the fish!

over 700Gbs... in all, gathered files from all over. stopping here.
672gb .. root deimssb
600Gb.. bigFiles (35%)
550Gb.. bigFiles (33%)
520Gb bigFiles
450Gb... at bigFiles.
415 Gb... going (24%)
360gb... going
so far, 250Gb.

data -- Crisp (done)
-- Endurance (done)
-- micromet (in prog)
all of it.