Locate Environmental Stewardship Reports

Here's a link to the Google Drive™ where we have stored any salvaged copy of any the following reports:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Byf2mX9LAqRJLVdTVXJyZEpVM2M&usp=...

Wharton, R.A. (ed.) McMurdo Dry Valleys: A cold Desert Ecosystem. Report of a NSF workshop held at the Institute of Ecosystem Studies, The New York Botanical Garden, Millbrook, New York, 5-7 October 1991.

Vincent, W.F. (ed.) Environmental Management of a Cold Desert Ecosystem: The McMurdo Dry Valleys. Report of a NSF Workshop held at Santa Fe, New Mexico, 14-17 March 1995.

Wharton, R.A. and P. T. Doran (eds.) McMurdo Dry Valley Lakes: Impacts of Research Activities. Report of a NSF held at the University of Illinois at Chicago, 15-17 July 1998.

The following report should also be listed on the site:
Priscu, J.C. (ed.) Year-Round Access to the McMurdo Region: Opportunities for Science and Education. Report of a National Science Foundation Workshop at the National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia, 8-10 September 1999

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Locate Environmental Stewardship Reports

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