DB clean up, discuss MET max, min AIRTemp cols.

oracle dropped airtmax/min
metadata adapted
obtained DOI

oracle dropped airtmax/min
metadata adapted
obtained DOI

oracle dropped airtmax/min

oracle dropped airtmax/min
updated in pasta, etc

oracle dropped airtmax/min


oracle dropped airtmax/min
metadata adjusted
uploaded to pasta


remove AIRTMAX AIRTMIN cols for benm boys caam exem, flmm, frsm. also, any other stations with empties.

this would also entail refactoring AVERAGES

ALL Descriptions (metadata)

New PASTA files.

It is not epic, but it is a force. Let's do it live?

Some Met stations, including Brownworth, Bonney, Commonwealth and Fryxell at some point reported the max and min for the 15 min period. Not consistently, but did report those. I do not see any recent (2011 onward) data about the 15-min Air Temp max/min. I suppose it was probably a good measure of the 15 sec measure spread.

verbatim from MO:
" Browsing some old files here. I can't really pin point when this changed occurred but we as you said, for few years now, we're not reporting min/max of airT. We do that only for wind speed. This has to do with how the met station was programmed. And I believe it was Hassan (maybe Thomas) that attempted to standardized all the stations. Hence, no more min/max airT. Hope this helps. "
not captured any more. for many tables, these AIRTMAX and AIRTMIN are like zombie columns.

We should deprecate those accordingly, but preserve the ones who have had some history. I
question asked -- are we even taking those anymore?

benm boys caam exem, flmm, frsm

brhm, boym, cohm, frlm has -some- airtmax/min

DB clean up, discuss max, min temp cols.

Some Met AIRTables seem to report min and max (for each 15min), but unsure whether these are populated at all. Investigate and ask.