update github repo

see about the views, and then we close the ticket.

since we have new view modes for datasets, i included those two features again.
data-set -- DONE
data-source -- DONE

looks like the section terms (csv) would be good to have. -- DONE
several updates began in Apr 2016, with the intention of keeping the latest copy of the DEIMS MCM structure in Github.

DEIMS CORE Customizations || STATUS

deims article || Done
deims data set || Done
deims data source || Done
deims eml harvest list || NA
deims image || UNKNOWN
DEIMS Image Gallery || NA
DEIMS Main Menu || NA
DEIMS Organization|| Done
DEIMS Basic Page || Done
DEIMs Permissions || Done
DEIMS Person || Done
DEIMS Project Role || Done
DEIMS Research Project||Done
DEIMS Research Site|| Done
DEIMS Search || DOne
DEIMS Site Details || Done
DEIMS Taxa || NA
DEIMS Taxonomy: Core Areas|| NA
DEIMS Taxonomy: LTER Controlled Vocabulary|| Na
DEIMS Taxonomy: Section|| DONE in csv
DEIMS Taxonomy: Station Keywords|| DONE
DEIMS Taxonomy: Tags|| NA
DEIMS Views || NA

MCM Proper || STATUS

MCM Basic Genetic || Done
MCM Contexts || Done
MCM Field Notes || Done
MCM Menu || Pending
MCM News Vignettes || Pending
MCM Photo Categories || Pending
MCM Services || Pending
MCM Slide Show || Pending
MCM Views || done

more views updates. still need some template customizations and other things, such as ds fields.. other things im forgetting, perhaps the contexts, etc.

updated views and research project. need to get some other things in the repo.


should we add the legacy site code to the site? attention to pwds..

there's been many changes, and efforts to keep up with the changes are lagging. try to keep up.

many features committed on apr 17, but more pending.