Graphically highlight key exciting results with research descriptions on the Web site

this is made in DEIMS.


Update -- we have deployed two instances of possible sites demo-ing a carrousel. While it would be wise to wait until June to adopt DEIMS fully (and hence, the slideshow) there is nothing preventing us from putting content in, that eventually would be migrated.

SO: 1) Carrousel w/ news, and 2) news posts in lieu of blogs on main content.
Proposed Action: a carousel (rotating photo stories w/title+teaser+link) of notable events, similar to
Description Issue: We should have groups write up a summary of their key results in a Word document with photos/graphs, the data manager can easily convert this to HTML for the web to showcase their results on the main page of the website

Description Action: A rotating banner is common place in many dynamic sites today. Usually this rotating banner consist of some graphic related to the underlying story/event, a title with a hyperlink, and a "teaser", or snippet of the story that narrates the story. We have deployed many of these easily using free technology -- changing or updating the content or the settings is also a simple task.