GAFM work

--- maciek to send data, if any
we can update metadata then.

The station was damaged by the katabatics and Joe took it down. Once I'll get whatever data he was able to download, I'll submit it to the database. Otherwise, consider this station out of service.
asked again.
updates --

metadata done - queries done - more data handed off by Joe, no 2013-> on record, asked Maciek.



Joe's info:
I'm not sure of the status of the GAFM station--it is still waiting on adjudication from the PIs and I understand it. It will either get handed off this year, or I will break it down and return it to UTexas this field season.

The GAFM station was moved ~5 m from its original site in 2013 (out of the stream bed). At this time, the three 107 temperature probes were placed in a vertical profile (10, 5, and 0 cm), similar to the other AWS (recording in ˚C). If there's any ambiguity about which probe is which, feel free to leave it off.

Air temp and RH are at 3 m, along with wind direction and speed. Incoming and outgoing SW and LW are also at 3 m, but were oriented parallel to the ground surface (rather than normal) in order to capture radiative flux into/out of the ice cliff. In 2013-2014, these sensors were replaced with a single NR-LITE2 net rad sensor which is oriented in a typical, ground-normal orientation (the original sensors did not survive contact with a katabatic wind storm some time over the winter). The SR is also at 3m and points towards the ice cliff. This instrument died in 2013 and failed in 2013-2014. I've got a replacement we can install this field season, since it is a useful measurement.


-- email sent to joe, maciek, and others about metadata (missing the task list), many measurables are different, specially streams.
-- airt, radn, rh, wind, surfchange, surftemp are in (2012-13)

-- need mat. views : some are already made.
-- need 2013-14 data : requested to Joe and co.

Okay, once the confusion is settled, insert GAFM data, create views, etc.

TINA SAYS send and email and get more info