scanned field notes 1314 - ingestion

15 exceptions, due to unexisting gageids (_m1, _m2 + mcknight_f4) -- will fix once I get metadata.

Here is the Green creek scanned note link
Perhaps it fell thru the cracks. If you are OK with it, we will include it in the list.

As for the missing note for Crescent: is it possible it was this one?
..which corresponds to the 8 -jan, instead of 18-jan?

if approved, the list can be slurped as is.
chris reviewed work, send corrections

If from the former, I can say it all looks good except on 2 accounts:
GREEN_011614_1140.pdf does not exist in Rob's spreadsheet

all we need is to post it.
Need to post the stream scanned field notes for the 1314 season:
No spreadsheet.
Created Perl script to make a spreadsheet.
spreadsheet sent to chris for review.